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Show A Stripper Some Love!

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One of the exciting ways Emmaus feels called to serve Nashville is by reaching out to strippers and other adult performers.

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Emmaus Christmas Challenge

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The other day I heard that Americans spend $480 BILLION on Christmas every year! To put that in perspective, to get clean water to every person on the planet would only cost $10 billion… and I’m pretty sure we could still have a pretty rockin’ Christmas with the remaining $470 billion.

Ready to do something? Take the Emmaus Christmas Challenge!

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It’s Time To RESET!

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We can’t tell you how excited we are about 2009! We are expecting to see great things happen in our city next year, and to start preparing… Emmaus is gonna RESET!

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Pics from the Pumpkin Carving Party

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“Ghost Stories”

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Be the response…

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You need to see this film! Check out for more info!